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Bosch Diesel Center
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About C. Renes B.V. Bosch Diesel Center

Founder Cees Renes (Sr.) began repairing fuel pumps in Groot Ammers in the 1950s, under the name Regro. He then decided to broaden his activities from fuel pump testing, into the repair and reconditioning of starter motors and alternators. This brought with it more work, and Cees fast outgrew the existing facilities. In 1960, Diesel Service C. Renes BV was established in Nieuwpoort. At that point, the company was based at the ‘Binnenhaven’, though later moved to its current premises at Bij de Kerk 37.

Koos Renes, the second generation, grew the company even further to form ‘Bosch Diesel Center’, together with his wife Jacky Renes-Ooms and an enthusiastic staff. Under his leadership, the third generation is also working within the company.

The mission of C. Renes B.V. is to be (and remain) a solid and reliable support to both our current and future customers. The term "solid" is perhaps no longer for our time, but this is still our top priority. By remaining true to our values, and keeping up to date with the latest technology developments, we will continue to be the trusted and reliable support for our customers for years to come, just as we are now.

You can contact us for:
  • Overhaul of starter motors and alternators;
  • Overhaul of fuel pumps and injectors;
  • Cleaning of petrol injectors;
  • Diagnosis of engine problems.
C. Renes B.V.