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Bosch Diesel Center
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Starter motors and alternators

Starter motors and alternators can be serviced as new by our electro-department, as long as this is economically justifiable. Due to our wide range of parts on stock in our warehouse, and a large stock of exchange complete units, we can assist you as quickly as possible. This applies to both 12V and 24V units.

Fuel pumps

Fuel Pump Overhaul has always been the foundation of C. Renes B.V.. We have been overhauling and testing these since 1960. In our Diesel department, we professionally inspect and overhaul fuel pumps of all generations and where necessary we recondition using only (where possible) original parts. The fuel pumps are tested and adjusted according to the manufacturer's prescribed fuel delivery. With this working method, you can be assured of a high quality product.


Injectors undergo heavy use. These should therefore be checked and / or overhauled. As with our fuel pumps, we work with original nozzles and accessories wherever possible. Should revision no longer be possible, then an exchange part is an alternative option. Due to our exchange stock, you can be assured of the correct units as soon as possible.

Also for the assessment of pump injectors, you have come to the right place. Due to the fact we can imitate the specific stroke a unit injector makes we can measure the amount of fuel injected. This is a labor-intensive process, but definitely worth the investment given that pump injectors are not cheap. Through testing, you can avoid having to replace a pump injector that was never broken. This saves money.
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