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Bosch Diesel Center
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Our services

Overhaul of starter motors and alternators

We have experience and extensive expertise in the field of electrical engineering. We test and recondition starter motors and alternators, bringing them back to optimum condition. Our extensive stock of spare parts enables us to help our customers straight away, through our spare parts system.

Furthermore, for starter motors and alternators in the heavy duty segment (industrial and marine applications), you have come to the right place.

Overhaul of fuel pumps and injectors

Diesel engines, for whichever purpose they serve, must operate at optimum performance. For the overhaul, repair and testing of fuel system parts, we use the latest BOSCH testing equipment, including the BOSCH EPS 815, the Hartridge AVM PC and Hartridge CRI-CP. Parts that are identified for review are first inspected and, where needed, replaced using only original parts.

We have over 60 years of experience and expertise when it comes to the overhaul of pumps, injectors or complete unit injectors. In addition to the latest diesel technology like the common rail fuel injection system, we can also help with conventional fuel pumps from 1 cilinder until 12 cilinder and injectors. BOSCH have appointed us one of the Bosch Diesel Centers in the Netherlands. Besides BOSCH, we can also help with fuel pumps and injectors from brands Lucas / CAV, Delphi and Stanadyne.

Cleaning petrol injectors

Petrol engines can suffer decreased performance due to clogged filters or an incorrect spray pattern into the intake manifold. Allow us to professionally clean the injectors to ensure optimum performance. This can result in considerable savings on fuel consumption.

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